We considered a lot of other options, such as WooCommerce, but EDD + Stripe Marketplace was able to adapt to our needs & create the ease of use for our customers that was very essential for us. We chose this plugin just because they have great customer service and a great support system.

With Stripe Connect — the same platform that powers Shopify and Squarespace — you and your sellers automatically get paid. And you’ll never have to handle another refund, chargeback, or 1099.

✔ Requires only the latest version of Easy Digital Downloads.
✔ Includes 1 year of updates and support for 1 site.
✔ Supports the EDD Front-End Submissions extension, allowing easy signup for your vendors
✔ Supports refunds
✔ Supports preapproved payments, for crowdfunding or other scenarios where you want to pre-approve, or authorize an amount on a customer’s credit card, and capture or cancel the authorization at a later time

Questions? Email edd@pressplus.pro

Select Stripe Connect gateway
Enter Stripe Connect settings
Set default marketplace fee for all vendor products
Enable Preapproved payments
Connect Stripe account button for logged-in users
Option to set a different marketplace fee for each vendor
Set a custom marketplace fee for each product
Stripe Connect order details
Charge made in vendor’s Stripe account
Application fee shown in site owner’s Stripe account